Three Things to Look Out for in a Job Post


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Entrepreneur Jeffery Scott Fraser is the owner of Tsaina Lodge in Valdez, Alaska. Jeffery S. Fraser is also the chairman of Job Pose, a company that helps match job seekers and employers.

Employers who are looking for new hires will often notify the world about it through job posts. If you are a job seeker, here’s what you should look out for in a job post to improve your chances of getting noticed:

i) Job title
Most job posts include the job title. Many people just read it and forget about it. Don’t. Use that job title on your resume. Also include it on your email subject line. Recruiters are sometimes looking for hires for multiple positions. Including the job title makes it easier for them to sift through mail.

ii) Instructions on how to apply
These aren’t placed there by mistake. If an employer asks you to apply using specific channels, do just that. Some even include specific codes to use in the body of the post. Read the entire post, and if you see a code, use it.

iii) Keywords 
Employers use certain keywords in their posts that are relevant to the position being filled. They are often placed in the “credentials” or “skills needed” sections. Use these keywords in your resume and cover letter. If they are phrases, mirror them. Sometimes recruiters use software to sift through applications. Including these keywords will make sure your application isn’t bypassed by the software for lack of relevancy.

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