Original Casablanca Movie Poster Part of Art Exhibit

Casablanca pic

Image: imdb.com

The former CEO of NIC, Inc., a software firm based in Olathe, Kansas, Jeffery Scott Fraser currently serves as chairman of employment-marketplace company Job Pose and as the owner of Tsaina Lodge in Valdez, Alaska. Outside of his professional life, Jeffery S. Fraser pursues a diverse range of hobbies that includes snowboarding and fishing. Also a fan of classic cinema, he lists Casablanca among his favorite films.

Considered one of the greatest films of all time, Casablanca stars Humphrey Bogart as Rick Blaine, a nightclub owner in Casablanca, and Ingrid Bergman as his ex-lover who is now married to a Czech resistance leader on the run. Set in Morocco during World War II, the film set standards for cinematography and storytelling while defining the style of the era. That style extended to the film’s advertising campaign, which included some of the most famous movie posters ever produced.

Recently, one of these was featured in a Los Angeles art exhibit devoted to movie posters from Hollywood’s Golden Age. In March of 2018, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art presented more than 3,000 original posters from the collection of movie producer Mike Kaplan. Among these, a French poster advertising Casablanca stood out.

Designed by Pierre Pigeot, the poster depicts Bogart sitting with fellow actor Sydney Greenstreet (who played the character Signor Ferrari) in Rick’s Cafe while Ingrid Bergman looks on. According to Kaplan, this was an unusual design for Casablanca posters, and makes it one of the most compelling.

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