Snowboarding Tips for Surfers


Snowboarding pic


An experienced executive, Jeffery Scott Fraser is an investor in Job Pose, a company dedicated to matching job seekers and employers with open positions. In his free time, Jeffery S. Fraser enjoys snowboarding.

On the surface, surfing and snowboarding seem quite similar. Both involve riding a board in a sideways-facing stance, meaning that the principles of balance translate well from one activity to the other. However, there are a number of key differences that surfers should be aware of before hitting the slopes.

One of the main differences between surfing and snowboarding involves weight distribution. On a surfboard, you always want to keep your weight centered and steer with your front foot. On a snowboard, you steer with your back foot and generally keep your weight on your front foot. With the general intuition for board sports that many surfers have, this adjustment should not take too long to make.

Another key difference is the length of the ride. Surfers might spend only a few seconds on average riding a wave, while a snowboard run typically lasts at least 5 or 10 minutes. Without the right technique, a snowboarding run can be completely exhausting for an inexperienced snowboarder. By learning how to switch edges and stay pointed downhill, surfers on snowboards can avoid tiring out before reaching the bottom.

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