Ingrid Bergman Refused Casablanca Makeover


Ingrid Bergman pic

Ingrid Bergman

Jeffery Scott Fraser is the owner of Tsaina Lodge, which opened in the summer of 2017 outside of Valdez, Alaska. In his free time, Jeffery S. Fraser enjoys watching classic films such as Casablanca.

When Casablanca star Ingrid Bergman first arrived in Hollywood in the 1930s, producer David O. Selznick, busy working on Gone with the Wind, gave the actress one look before deciding her eyebrows were too thick and her teeth “no good.” He said he would get the actress into the makeup department the very next day.

Bergman, however, fought the move. It was Selznick who saw her in the Swedish film Intermezzo and requested she move to Hollywood. Bergman argued that as soon as she got there, Selznick wanted to change everything about her. She told the producer, “I’ll take the next train and go back home.”

To avoid losing Bergman, Selznick gave in, even claiming the idea to keep her natural appearance as his own. When confronted by the makeup team for Casablanca, Selznick insisted they leave Bergman alone, demanding, “You are not going to do anything.” Bergman went on to do her first screen test, labeled “Ingrid Bergman – No Make-Up – Take 1.”

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