Snowboarding Events at the Olympic Winter Games

Snowboarding pic


Jeffery S. Fraser is the owner of the Tsaina Lodge, a contemporary hotel located 35 miles north of Valdez, Alaska. Aside from his professional responsibilities, Jeffery Scott Fraser enjoys the sport of snowboarding.

In 1998, snowboarding took the world stage at the Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan. Since then, the sport has become a fan favorite. Several snowboarding events, each providing audiences with breathtaking examples of athleticism and adventure, will take place at the 2018 winter games in South Korea.

In the giant parallel slalom and parallel slalom, snowboarders race down a hill, dodging flags and navigating bumps along the way. Participants compete to finish in the best possible time.

Since 1998, the halfpipe has been the most anticipated snowboarding event at the Olympics. Snowboarders utilize a 600-foot-long, semicircular ditch with 22-foot walls to do spectacular tricks. Athletes are judged on execution, variety, difficulty, and amplitude.

For the second time, slopestyle will be an event at the winter games. Snowboarders navigate down a run filled with multiple features, performing tricks along the way. Scores are based on a variety of components, including style and height of jumps.

In snowboard cross, four riders race down a hill while maneuvering through a course filled with jumps, bumps, and turns. Athletes must stay in control while maintaining maximum speed.

For the first time, big air will be featured at the winter games. In this event, athletes are required to land two aerial tricks after flying off a 49-foot ramp.

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