Become a Better Snowboarder by Learning to Ride Switch


Ride Switch pic

Ride Switch

Jeffery Scott Fraser is the owner of Tsaina Lodge just outside of Valdez, Alaska, where guests have access to attractions including wildlife viewing, glacier trekking, and river rafting. In his free time, Jeffery S. Fraser enjoys snowboarding.

Once a snowboarder has had a bit of time on the mountain and gained some experience, it may be time to learn to ride switch. In snowboarding terms, this means switching the direction of your stance on the board and riding the opposite of the way you normally would. If you normally lead with your left foot, riding switch would mean leading with your right foot, which requires you to change your body’s direction.

Learning to ride switch is essential for any snowboarder who dreams of pulling off a trick or riding a tough course. Learning to do everything in reverse means you have to take the time to analyze every move you make, which will improve your overall skill.

Though you can technically ride switch with most snowboards, it is easiest with directional-twin and twin boards, as they are identical or very similar on both sides, depending on the board. While it may seem difficult at first, it will get easier the more you practice.


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