Top Fishing Spots in Alaska


Wosnesenski River pic

Wosnesenski River

Since retiring as the CEO of NIC Inc. more than five years ago, Jeffery Scott Fraser has maintained ownership of the Tsaina Lodge in Valdez, Alaska, and invested in Job Pose. When he’s not busy with his professional responsibilities, Jeffery S. Fraser enjoys such outdoor activities as fishing.

Over the years, Alaska has gained a reputation for its high-quality fishing. However, considering the fact that Alaska has over 800 fishing spots along its roadways alone, it can be challenging to find the best place to enjoy the sport. The following are just some of the state’s top fishing spots:

Wosnesenski River. Found in the Kenai Peninsula Region, the Wosnesenski River houses several types of fish. The area is found right off China Poot Bay, and there is a trail that takes anglers to the area’s lakes and rivers. Plus, there is a camping site nearby for overnight fishing trips.

Soldotna River Walk. Popular among sockeye fishers, Soldotna River Walk is easily accessible and a great place for beginners. It is often crowded during peak sockeye season, and anglers can enjoy night fishing when regulations allow for it.

Indian Creek. Similar to many fishing spots in Anchorage, Indian Creek stays pretty busy throughout the year, but anglers can find some seclusion if they travel along the creek past mile marker 101 on the Seward Highway. Both salmon and Dolly Varden trout are popular species to catch in the area.

Upper Campbell Creek. Featuring a healthy amount of Dolly Varden trout, rainbow trout, and silver salmon, the upper portion of Campbell Creek can accommodate all types of fishing. Anglers can wade into the water nearby their cars or walk a bit north to cast from the shoreline.


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