Gun Safety Tips for Hunting

Gun Safety pic

Gun Safety

Jeffery Fraser is a former executive who now owns the Tsaina Lodge near Valdez, Alaska. Splitting his time between Alaska and Wyoming, Jeffery Scott Fraser enjoys hunting.

Whether you are a novice preparing for your first hunt or are a seasoned hunter, proper gun handling is crucial for safety. Follow these three tips to stay safe and help protect your buddies when hunting with firearms.

1. Always assume the gun is loaded. Even when you are positive it is empty, all it takes is one mistake to injure or kill someone. Treating every gun as a loaded weapon helps ensure you and your hunting buddies use caution while handling firearms.

2. Pay attention to what is in front of and behind your target. While you may have the perfect target in your sights, it is crucial to also pay attention to what is around the animal to help ensure you do not accidentally hit someone either between you and your target or behind the animal. If you cannot see behind the target, do not take the shot.

3. Become a good shot before hunting. Before you ever even attempt a hunt, you should be proficient and accurate with your weapon. Not only will this improve your chances of success, but it will also reduce your chances of a dangerous accident.


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