Basic Paragliding Safety




The former CEO of NIC Inc., Jeffery Scott Fraser is an accomplished business executive who now splits his time between Wyoming and Alaska. Since retiring, he has focused on various business endeavors. The owner of Tsaina Lodge in Alaska, Jeffery S. Fraser also invests in Job Pose, a company that finds new ways to match employers and job seekers. In his free time, he enjoys paragliding.

Having a safe paragliding experience starts in the preparation stage. Regardless of how experienced a paraglide pilot is, mistakes may still happen, but with proper preparation the likelihood and resulting damage may be reduced. New pilots should find good instructors to teach them about safety techniques and systems before going paragliding on their own. This ensures pilots are able to land and launch properly. When planning an actual trip, it’s important for pilots to pay close attention to the weather, particularly the expected wind conditions. Bad winds can easily move a pilot off course and increase their risk of injury. Further, all paragliding equipment must be thoroughly checked for any damages.

Paragliding safety is not only affected by preparation, though. When pilots launch, their legs should be kept clear of the hill. However, pilots should still have the ability to quickly end a launch if something feels wrong. A good launch is the precursor to a good, and safe, experience. Once in the air, pilots need to stay aware of the risks they are facing. Being overly confident makes pilots more likely to become complacent while flying, thus decreasing their overall safety. When landing, the location should be determined before the flight even starts. Pilots should arrive at their landing zone on time and at the right height to avoid landing out.

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