JobPose – A New Online Gateway to Career Opportunities

JobPose pic


Experienced former tech executive Jeffery Scott Fraser is currently pursuing his business interests in the field through his recent investment in JobPose. The emerging company aims to change the way employers and potential new hires find one another through offering an online hub for them to connect. The support of Jeffery Fraser and others will assist the company’s team of professionals, who come from media, tech, and human resources fields, to leverage their combined skills toward furthering the interests of all their stakeholders.

JobPose makes use of a cutting-edge algorithm to match companies and employees quickly and efficiently. Thanks to its distinctive system, identifying the right person for the right job is as simple as clicking–and setting up an interview can take only seconds.

JobPose works to cut through unnecessary, outdated practices by simplifying the entire process. A job seeker need only upload a quick “selfie” photo and answer a few brief questions to create an account, with no resume required. Then, he or she can see a gallery of job opportunities that JobPose identifies as the best matches. Likewise, employers with a JobPose account can view applicants who fit their needs and elect to move along to the interview process with one click.

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