Snowboard Bindings

Snowboard Bindings pic

Snowboard Bindings

With a PhD from Capella University and considerable experience as the former CEO of NIC Inc. in Olathe, Kansas, Dr. Jeffery Scott Fraser owns the Tsaina Lodge in Alaska. During his spare time, Dr. Jeffery S. Fraser enjoys an array of outdoor activities, including snowboarding.

An Olympic sport, snowboarding is also enjoyed recreationally by many hobbyists. Entailing riding down snow-covered slopes while strapped onto a board, the sport encompasses a wide variety of events, including half-pipe competitions and races. Each of these often features variations of the equipment used.

Snowboard bindings, the equipment that connects the rider to the board, are a critical part of snowboarding. Strap bindings are the most common type and feature ratchet straps that can be adjusted by the snowboarder. Speed-entry bindings are less common, but allow quick boot access. However, speed-entry bindings do not allow the same level of stability and control when compared to strap bindings. In addition to these general types, riders can select bindings with different levels of flexibility to allow greater control or a more forgiving ride on bumps.

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