The Best Fishing Locations for the Largest Trophy Fish in the US

Selawik Valley, Alaska pic

Selawik Valley, Alaska

The former chief executive of NASDAQ-listed NIC, Inc., Jeffery Scott Fraser has sponsored many upcoming businesses in different industries. Now retired, Jeffery S Fraser spends his spare time fishing.

For many anglers, catching that monster trophy fish is the best part of fishing. Thankfully, North America has some of the best fishing spots in the world. In these spots, for anglers armed with the right gear and predatory patience, reeling in that trophy can be a reality.

1) Boca Grande, Florida

Tarpon are some of the most popular fish thanks to their phenomenal size, weighing 230 pounds or more. Boca Grande boasts of some of the biggest tarpon catches in North America. Embracing its fishing tradition, the town has plenty of guides and charters to help fishers.

2) Selawik Valley, Alaska

Sheefish can weigh in at up to 60 pounds in Alaska. At Selawik Valley, the fish can be caught almost throughout the year, even though summer is the best fishing time. The town, however, is very remote and a guide is definitely recommended.

3) Castaic Lake, California

Castaic Lake is home to some of the biggest largemouth bass in North America. Located just 25 miles north of Los Angeles, the location is where more 20 pound-plus bass have been netted than any other lake.

4) Sacramento River

The white surgeon is the largest freshwater fish in North America. Known to stretch more than 20 feet and weigh more than 1500 pounds, they can be found in the Sacramento River, near the Bay Area.

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