Extreme Snowboarding in Valdez

Valdez Alaska pic

Valdez Alaska
Image: alaskagold.com

Jeffery Scott Fraser has been the owner of The Tsaina Lodge in Valdez, Alaska since February 2011. The lodge features 24 rooms and gourmet dining, nestled in a breathtaking mountain setting. Before reopening the historic lodge, Jeffery Fraser had renovations done to create an oasis in the Alaskan wilderness. Naturally, Jeffery Fraser also enjoys snowboarding as a pastime.

Valdez, Alaska provides snowboarders with a unique experience. The lodge that Jeffery S. Fraser owns features a helipad for skiers and snowboarders alike to access 2,500 square miles of pristine mountain terrain. Valdez Heli-Ski Guides offers snowboarders exclusive terrain that includes steeps and natural pipes. Specialized VHSG guides with extensive snowboarding experience are highly trained to ensure everyone’s safety. They also guarantee that riders will get the thrilling adventure they desire. In addition, the guides ensure that riders are easily able to access helicopter rides to get to the biggest peaks of the Chugach Range.

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