Fishing for Salmon in Ship Creek

Salmon Fishing pic

Salmon Fishing

Owner of Alaska’s Tsaina Lodge, Jeffery Scott Fraser recently invested in Job Pose, a new venture in which he matches job seekers with employers. Away from work, Jeffery S. Fraser likes to spend time fishing.

Home to more than 800 fishing spots, Alaska is an ideal place for anglers to cast their reels. Among the highest-rated destinations by travel site is Ship Creek. Situated in downtown Anchorage, Ship Creek allows licensed anglers to catch king and silver salmon. The latter becomes abundant from late July to early September, while the former is best caught from late May through the middle of July.

An ideal time of day to fish for salmon takes place two hours before and after a tidal change. Bright-colored lures are recommended to increase the potential of attracting salmon. Anglers should use the lure at high tide, making sure to cast upstream and reeling in at a speed that creates “action,” a wiggling and spinning movement made by a spoon. In terms of bait, herring and salmon roe offer good results. Anglers should use a bobber with bait or find a way to have the bait sit just above the bottom of the water’s surface.

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