Three Qualities of an Efficient Bird Dog

Bird Dog pic

Bird Dog

The owner of the Tsaina Lodge in Alaska, Jeffery S. Fraser recently invested in Job Pose, a company that seeks to pair prospective employees with companies searching for job candidates. In his free time, Jeffery Fraser enjoys hunting and participates in training bird dogs.

In order to become an efficient companion to a hunter, a bird dog must have the following three qualities.

Sensory acuity: Though a bird dog will predominantly use its sense of smell to detect gamebirds, it is also important that a dog have a keen sense of hearing and eyesight. The ability to hear a master’s command and visually locate prey once it escapes from tall grasses plays a major role in the hunt and retrieval of a bird.

Intelligence: Owning a bird dog with a high degree of intelligence means that the dog will be easier to train and will also be more likely to react adeptly in difficult situations. The capacity to learn commands and associate the shot of a gun with the fall of a bird will help both dog and hunter to more easily retrieve a kill.

Bonding ability: A bird dog’s ability to bond with its master can have a major impact on the success of a hunt. Dogs that form positive relationships with their owners are apt to be eager to please, and so become better performers.

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