Three of the Best Snowboarding Destinations in the United States

Aspen Snowboarding pic

Aspen Snowboarding

Jeffery Scott Fraser, former executive for software company NIC, Inc., is the owner of the upscale Tsaina Lodge in Alaska. Outside of his business life, Jeffery Fraser enjoys participating in outdoor hobbies, such as snowboarding.

The following three towns are among the best for snowboarding in the United States based on terrain, accommodations, and snowfall.

Aspen: This central Colorado city is known for being an upscale ski town with a European feel. Visitors to the city may choose to snowboard at any of four different ski areas, with Aspen Mountain being the ideal spot for expert boarders prepared to take on some of the steepest terrain in the country.

Park City: Located 30 miles from the Great Salt Lake in Utah, Park City is a ski town that serves as the United States Olympic Ski Team’s headquarters. With a variety of slopes that accommodate skiers of all talent levels, this city is also known for its arts scene, and annually hosts the Sundance Film Festival.

Jackson Hole: The most popular time of the year to visit Jackson Hole, Wyoming is in the summer, which provides visitors with year-round opportunities to snowboard. Surrounded by the Teton Mountain Range and steeped in Wild West history, this ski town is ideal for boarders who enjoy wildlife, cowboy culture, and a laid-back atmosphere.

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