Gear Planning Tips for Salmon Fishing

An entrepreneurial financier, Jeffery Scott Fraser invests in startup companies. He also bought and operates the historic Tsaina Lodge in Valdez, Alaska. In his free time, Jeffery S. Fraser enjoys various outdoor activities, including snowboarding and fishing.

For many people, salmon fishing is an especially rewarding sport, but it requires proper planning and having the right gear. Selecting the bait is an essential part of the preparation. For salmon, roe, flashtrap spinners, artificial spoon lures, and cut bait work well. A spoon lure imitates the movement of fish prey, while cut bait is typically a piece of smelt or herring. For salmon fishing, it’s also important to sharpen or replace hooks to ensure that they are sharp enough to penetrate the salmon’s tough, thick jaws.

In addition to the right bait and sharp hooks, it helps to use red line for salmon fishing because, under water, red is the first color to become invisible to fish. The red line will disappear in just 15 feet of water and the fish will focus on the bait.

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