How to Perfect Your Tennis Serve

For the last four years, Jeffery Scott Fraser has led hotel operations in his role as owner of the Tsaina Lodge in Valdez, Alaska. Prior to starting his career, Jeffery S. Fraser earned his master of science in information systems from Friends University, where he played tennis during his studies.

Like any other sport, tennis requires hours of practice to cultivate strong skills and become a well-rounded player. Your serve is perhaps one of the most important tennis techniques that you can perfect. With the proper form, you can deliver a powerful serve without wasting the energy you will need for the remainder of the game.

Maintain the correct serving position on the court before tossing the ball for a serve. You should stand about half a foot behind the baseline and place the foot that is opposite to your dominant hand in front of the other to form a T-shape. Once you are in the position, line up your serve and maintain a clear view of the desired contact point.

After throwing the ball upward, you should lower your racket behind your back and quickly transition into an upward swing while generating further power by rotating your body toward the ball as you swing. Most of your serving force comes from this fast position change, so it is important to practice this move during training sessions to perfect your serve.

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