Early Training Tips for Bird Dog Puppies

An experienced business owner and entrepreneur, Jeffery Scott Fraser most recently invested in a talent matching company. In his free time Jeffery S. Fraser enjoys hunting and training bird dogs.

When working with a puppy who you hope to train for birding, the primary task is socialization. You want the dog to be able to enter into new situations easily and be comfortable around large groups of people. You can also begin to acclimate your puppy to the settings in which he will be working, the most important of these being open fields, brush, and water. At the very least, a bird dog should be willing to cross a creek comfortably, though swimming skills are also highly desirable.

Once socialized, a puppy is typically ready for some experience with a bird training dummy. You may reasonably expect the dog to be attentive for 5 minutes per session, two sessions per day, at first, though all dogs are different. The most important element of training at this stage is enthusiasm. The dog should leave the training session wanting to retrieve again. In general, two to three retrieves are enough for a puppy at first. There is plenty of time for more advanced work as the dog gets older.

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