Rockfish in Alaska

Owner of Alaska’s Tsaina Lodge, Jeffery Scott Fraser divides his time between managing resort activities and other business endeavors, including investment in Jobpose. Away from work, Jeffery S. Fraser likes to hunt and fish.

Alaska offers anglers opportunities to snag trout, smelt, whitefish, and rockfish. The North Pacific Ocean and Gulf of Alaska are home to up to 30 varieties of rockfish, including the more common yelloweye rockfish and black rockfish.

Often referred to as a red snapper or red rock cod, the yelloweye rockfish stands out because of its color, which includes hues of orange, yellow, and red. As its name implies, its bright yellow eyes also are an identifiable feature of the fish. The yelloweye can grow as large as 36 inches, making it one of the largest rockfish.

Black rockfish are smaller, growing to a maximum length of less than 28 inches. Fully grown, the fish has a molted gray-black body and a dark stripe that begins at the eyes and ends at the grill plate. Younger black rockfish sometimes have orange and dark brown coloring. Anglers should take caution of the spines of all rockfish since the family is venomous.

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