Hunting Rules in Alaska

Entrepreneur Jeffery Scott Fraser recently invested in Job Pose, a recruiting technology firm that has developed a highly efficient program to allow employers to quickly and easily vet and hire potential employees. Jeffery S. Fraser also owns Alaska’s Tsaina Lodge, where he snowboards and hunts in his spare time.

To ensure that hunting is done safely and humanely, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game provides a handbook of hunting regulations at The following are some of the rules stipulated there.

1. Use of Alaska’s navigable and public waters for hunting does not require a permit from upland owners as long as the activity is completed below the ordinary high-water mark.

2. Alaska requires all individuals to complete a basic hunter education course if hunting in the Eagle River Management Area, the Eklutna Lake Management Area, the Anchorage Coastal Wildlife Refuge, and other state parklands. The website also specifies the age and type of game that can be hunted and the seasons for doing so.

3. The state restricts the use of a muzzle loader on big game. An exception is made for shoulder-mounted long guns with a minimum .45 caliber. The barrel must be smooth bore or rifled and discharge only single projectiles.

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