Fishing for Salmon in Alaska

Jeffery Scott Fraser owns and operates The Tsaina Lodge near Valdez, Alaska. Outside of work, Jeffery Fraser has a passion for outdoor activities, especially snowboarding, hunting, and fishing.

While licensed fishing is available year-round in Alaska, different species swim more abundantly during specific months. For instance, the summer months cater to fishers looking for salmon. King salmon fishing falls between May and July, while red, pink, and chum salmon swim in large quantities during July and August. An exception, silver salmon are fishable through November.

In terms of lures and flies, fishers should lean toward the large and bright variety when fishing for all types of salmon, except red. If there is a lot of sunlight, darker fly and lure patterns are less likely to scare silver, pink, and chum salmon. For red species, fishermen traditionally use flossing, which involves laying a line low in the water for salmon to catch in their mouths. Once the line is picked up, fishermen can leverage the line to set the hook.

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