The Sport Fish Restoration Program in Alaska

Jeffery Scott Fraser leverages experience as the founder and former CEO of NIC, Inc., to invest in emerging enterprises and restore the historic Tsaina Lodge in Valdez, Alaska. Also an avid outdoorsman, Jeffery S. Fraser enjoys hunting and fishing.

In Alaska, the Federal Aid in Sport Fish Restoration (SFR) Act provides funding for projects designed to enhance recreational power boating, sport fishing access, and sport fisheries management and research. The legislation operates on a “user pay, user benefit” model, which means that when people purchase sport fishing equipment and other fishing-related goods, the taxes are used to support the SFR program.

Through its recreational boating projects, the SFR program supports recreational marine and freshwater locations by constructing and maintaining surrounding facilities, such as boat ramps, parking areas, and fish-cleaning tables. The SFR’s non-boating fund is used similarly, but it focuses more on land acquisition projects and facilities unrelated to power boating.

To determine which projects it will fund, the SFR’s Access Program manager reviews a list of proposed projects submitted by Access Program staff or the local Sport Fish Area Management biologist. The proposed projects are ranked based on specific criteria including need, validity, and the available funding.

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