Attractions of Alaska’s Tsaina Lodge

Jeffery Scott Fraser is the owner of the Tsaina Lodge in Valdez, Alaska. Since the lodge’s opening, Jeffrey Fraser has made it into a quality tourist attraction, honored by Outside Magazine as one of 2012’s best adventure accommodations.

One standout feature of the lodge is its helicopter-ski service. Taking off from the lodge’s on-site helipad, Valdez Heli-Ski Guides transport guests to remote slopes in a 2,500-square mile area. Skiers can enjoy established routes or try new ones. The helicopter service is also available to take guests to some of the prime fishing areas in the vicinity of Thompson Pass.

First-class amenities await at the end of the day. The lodge’s 24 rooms provide a spectacular view, private baths, and the comfort of Tempur-Pedic beds. Visitors can also take advantage of Wi-Fi service in the reading room, which also includes a fireplace. Additional benefits include a masseuse and individualized yoga sessions.

In addition to the amenities, guests can partake of Alaska’s outstanding cuisine in the lodge’s restaurant; the menu includes fresh seafood and the best of the state’s game. Another social center is the Tsaina Bar, now re-opened after a short hiatus. Lodgers can celebrate a successful day on the slopes by ringing the bar’s bell and buying everyone a round of drinks.

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