Fishing in Valdez, Alaska

Pursuing a PhD in business and technology, Jeffery Scott Fraser owns the historic Tsaina Lodge in Valdez, Alaska. Staying busy maintaining operations, Jeffery Fraser still finds time to enjoy the outdoors by hunting and fishing.

Home to salmon and halibut, the Prince William Sound in Valdez allows fishing year-round. Fishers can find salmon plentiful in protected bays at the start of August. Depending on the catch, silver or pink, a person can reel in a fish as large as 20 pounds. In terms of halibut, a person typically averages a catch weighing approximately 25 pounds, with larger fish closer to 50 pounds. However, each year a derby winner is caught, recording an estimated 300 pounds.

Other fish available in the waters of Prince William Sound are rockfish and lingcod. Fishers can head to Ruth Pond to find trout, stocked by Fish & Game. Rainbow trout are also available at Blueberry Lake in Thompson Pass.

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