Tips for Keeping Your Dog Safe during a Hunt

The owner of Tsaina Lodge in Valdez, Alaska, and an investor with the job seeking company Job Pose, Jeffery Fraser served as the chief executive officer of NIC, Inc, until 2008. A graduate of Friends University, Jeffery S Fraser began his business and technology PhD studies at Capella University in 2010. An avid outdoorsman, Jeffrey Fraser is an experienced bird dog hunter.

Whether you hunt ducks or pheasants, there are several things to keep in mind to keep your dog safe and happy during the hunt.

Understand your dog’s health needs. When field training your dog, be sure to bring a first aid kit that includes non-steroid antibiotic eye ointment, a tool to remove anything that may become embedded, and two ounces of hydrogen peroxide, which will help your dog vomit something poisonous until it can receive veterinary care. Also, bring water that your dog is used to. Unfamiliar water may be harder or softer than water at home and can cause medical issues like dehydration and diarrhea.

Make sure your dog is properly socialized. A poorly socialized dog impacts all aspects of a hunt, from its interactions with other hunters and their dogs and your own experience getting the dog to follow commands. Socializing your dog early and thoroughly ensures a good experience for everyone involved during the ever-changing conditions of the hunt.

Keep your dog in hunting shape. After a dog has been trained to hunt, it may be tempting to put less emphasis on training during the off-season months. However, keeping your dog in shape is the best way to keep it safe during the hunt itself. Low-impact exercises such as swimming or walking are the most beneficial, especially when coupled with indoor training exercises.

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