Preparing a Young Dog to Become a Bird Dog

Jeffery Scott Fraser has worked in the fields of business and technology, and currently serves as owner of Tsaina Lodge. Outside of his professional activities, Jeffery S. Fraser pursues a number of hobbies, including bird dog field training.

Proper training and socialization at a young age is important to a puppy that will become a hunting companion. The dog needs to develop its instincts as a predator and build confidence in itself, while at the same time learning to become obedient and a reliable companion to the hunter. There are a number of things a dog owner and hunter can do early in the dog’s life to help ensure that it will be a successful bird dog later on.

For example, the owner should let the dog become familiar with different types of outdoor areas. The dog needs to be comfortable with fields and other landscapes, such as brushy and forested areas. Giving the young dog some time to run free and explore can help the dog become more at home out in nature. Additionally, the dog should become comfortable around water and get experience swimming. Eventually as a bird dog, the animal may need to cross or swim in bodies of water, and a proper introduction to water environments at a young age can go a long way.

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